DiSC® Benefits

Do you have conflict or communication issues between team members?

The DiSC® assessment helps individuals and teams become self-aware regarding how they are communicating and engaging. The assessment creates a shared starting point for productive discussions and the problem solving. Positive engagement and teambuilding help create long-term effectiveness.

It is not a remedy that solves all problems, although, it provides a helpful tool for leaders and organizations to use as they move beyond problems to solutions.

Do you want to build a stronger leadership team or stronger departments?

The foundation of a highly effective team is trust. Trust is gained by having consistent/predictable behaviors that are based upon the organizational values. Predictability allows individuals to anticipate another person’s behaviors, decreasing risk.

The DiSC® assessment helps teams to further understand each other, their unique style and the benefits of their differences. Appreciating the differing styles allows individuals to adapt their style to better meet coworker’s needs and expectations. Adapting styles creates greater cohesion, more effective communication and higher levels of both predictability and productivity.

The DiSC® assessment provides two unique features for teams:

  • DiSC® Team Map: A team map offers an overview of where each team member is located in the DiSC® quadrants. This allows the team to gain awareness of its strengths and weaknesses, as well as assess styles that are lacking within the team.
  • Group Culture Report: This report explores how a team is interacting from a cultural perspective. The team can then begin to identify and discuss advantages and disadvantages, the effect of culture on group members and how culture influences decision making and risk taking.

DiSC® assessments can benefit the individual, the team, the organization and the hiring process.

  • Discover behavioral tendencies and communication preferences
  • Gain knowledge to better align behaviors with workplace needs
  • Provides comparison reports that enable team members to better understand each other
  • Improve workplace relationships and decisions

Benefits for Leaders:

  • Enables leaders to understand the relationship between their behavior and their effectiveness
  • Improves communication effectiveness by increasing self-awareness and awareness of team strengths and weaknesses

Benefits for Managers:

  • Understand the behavior style of team members
  • Understand how to modify communication to improve effectiveness

Cultural Benefits:

  • Gain awareness of team interaction from a cultural perspective
  • Enables the team to name and change problematic patterns within the culture
  • Differentiate job applicants through enhanced alignment of job descriptions with behavior style tendencies
  • Identify behavior patterns linked to job effectiveness
  • Identify candidates with communication and behavioral patterns that are most likely to succeed
*DiSC is not a predictive tool for success in employment or in a particular job classification; however, it does provide valuable insight into how employees may behave and interact within a given team.